Thank you for showing interest in the hand-tied /beaded row extensions! Here’s what you can expect moving forward: First time clients: You can expect to invest $700-$1500 for your initial appointment. The range of price differs between number of rows and length. This package price includes a hair color, the extension hair, custom color matching, installation, cut, style. For returning clients, you can expect the following maintenance: - re-tighten every 6-8 weeks - replace the extension hair every 6 to 9 months (on average) - A usual maintenance appointment for a re-tighten is $150+ depending on your needs. This price does not include color. I go over what you can expect for maintenance cost at the consultation. - A $500 non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your appointment. This deposit will be applied to the overall balance of the appointment and partially pays for the extension hair.