What It Is

• The Metal Detox Smoothing Cream is for professional and at-home use. The smoothing cream is a leave-in cream that hydrates and protects against frizz, UV, heat, and metals. It also prevents breakage and color shift. ​ ​


• Its melting texture is instantly absorbed by the fiber and coats cuticles for a weightless long-lasting deep protection.

What It Does

Metals:​ We all have metals in our water; Often metals erode in our pipes, mixing with our water and ultimately accumulating inside the hair fiber. When metal particles mix with hair color and lightener oxidants, they can lead to unreliable color results and breakage. ​ ​


Powered by Glicoamine:​ Glicoamine is the only active agent small enough to trap and neutralize metals inside the hair fiber. This helps to prevent metals from interacting with oxidants, resulting in 87% less breakage and 100% reliable color results.

What Else You Need to Know

• 5X smoother hair​


• 72-hour frizz protection ​


• Long lasting moisture ​


• 450 heat protection​


• UV protection ​


• 97% less hair breakage​


• 100% true to tone color​ ​